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In todays digital world the aspiring DJ is spoiled for choice when choosing the right equipment. Advances in technology has seen the computer play a vital role in how a DJ gets the job done. Whether its storing and arranging music collections, downloading music, using vinyl emulators like Serato or Traktor or accessing tools like mixed in key, its clear that the software DJ is here to stay. Traktor have just launched a new DJ application for Ipad and its going to appeal to the technophobes among you, but don’t forget that buying all the latest technology wont make you a great DJ. The skills needed to deliver quality sets and play the right tunes is developed with practice and experience and don’t forget the essential love of music and the desire to share your music with others.

Check out Traktor for Ipad here

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Introducing Jean Remi, aka EVADED, who is a young Music Producer and DJ based in Dublin. Evaded’s been a busy guy for the last few years, from teaching himself music production techniques and learning to DJ, to performing live with his band “The Catalyst”. He lives for music and and we think he’s going places.

Evaded came to our attention when he joined the music group in his local youth club, Swan Youth Service. There he was able to access a music production suite, recording equipment, instruments like guitar, piano and drums and also DJ equipment. He’s been busy putting all these resources to work over the past few years as well as writing for his band “The Catalyst” who performed this year at the Irish Youth Music Awards. The beats for the “The Catalyst” tracks are produced by Evaded and he uses FLstudio and real instruments to get the job done. Even with all his music work and balancing full time studies in college, Evaded still finds time to get a dancefloor bouncing with his DJ sets. Evaded’s music draws on Hip Hop, Dub and R’n'B but recently he has been experimenting with playing and writing house music.

You can check out his tracks and mixes here on the link below

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One of our members is selling a pair of CDJ200′s which are both in perfect condition. They are selling for 400 Euros and are well worth a look if your on a budget but want to get the right gear. Get in touch with dale on 086 2355644

Heres a video of the CDJ200 if your interested in finding out more