Sep 2012 26

At just 16 years old, this guys flair for music and art will really grab you. Add in a forthcoming EP to be released on Psychonavigation records and you start to realise that Jxxkd is on his way at a very early age. Hailing from Dublin, his influences stretch far a field and are drawn from many sources including people like Mr. Oizo, Jamie XX, Crystal Castles, Hudson Mohawke and Star Slinger. All of these are evident in his musical works which are neatly packaged online in his soundcloud account which boasts an incredible 18 tracks for your listening pleasure. Jxxkd productions include remixes, test beats, sampled records alongside his original concepts which are all accompanied by his own distinctive art work which he treats as seriously as his music.

Jxxkd began producing music at just 15 years old and in a short time got to grips with the world of computer music and its association with art. His sound can be described as raw electronica with shades of grime, hip hop, dub and electro. Psychonavigation records will release his Icy Mayne EP soon and not many people can claim to have released their own stuff at 16, that deserves a big well done in our books. Online networking has its place in this story, Jxxkd has a soundcloud artists page which he uses to spread his work and draw influence from like minded people. You can find Jxxkd soundcloud page here and its well worth a visit. Check it below, you can listen to the tracks directly here or follow the link to soundcloud.

The Young DJ Academy is behind Jxxkd and we are happy to follow his journey and help whereever we can.

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