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Feb 2013 27

In todays digital world the aspiring DJ is spoiled for choice when choosing the right equipment. Advances in technology has seen the computer play a vital role in how a DJ gets the job done. Whether its storing and arranging music collections, downloading music, using vinyl emulators like Serato or Traktor or accessing tools like mixed in key, its clear that the software DJ is here to stay. Traktor have just launched a new DJ application for Ipad and its going to appeal to the technophobes among you, but don’t forget that buying all the latest technology wont make you a great DJ. The skills needed to deliver quality sets and play the right tunes is developed with practice and experience and don’t forget the essential love of music and the desire to share your music with others.

Check out Traktor for Ipad here

Oct 2012 13

One of our members is selling a pair of CDJ200′s which are both in perfect condition. They are selling for 400 Euros and are well worth a look if your on a budget but want to get the right gear. Get in touch with dale on 086 2355644

Heres a video of the CDJ200 if your interested in finding out more

Sep 2012 28

A lot of people have been asking us about effects units here at the academy. While its true many modern dj medias carry on board effects units, you cant beat a dedicated external device to help develop unique mixes. None go as far as the Korg Kaoss Pad 3, which is a diverse instrument in its own right. Check it out here and see if its the kinda tool you need to spice your dj sets up.

Aug 2012 04

If your looking for the next addition to your live set up or you want to spice up your studio, then this might be worth checking out. The Maschine Mikro is a great piece of kit which can help you to get creative with your music. Its not a killer on your pocket but its got the goods to get the job done, check out the video here.